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Fox Capital Overview

Project Financing

Activity Focus by Region

Real Estate Transactions 

Conversion Financing

Focus by Asset Classes

Our Approach


It‘s a People‘s business

The Client is always at the Center of our work. Because we know that a large number of Transactions fail due to conflicts of interest and Sensitivities.

People make the Difference.


Just when things turn out differently than expected…


It´s a peoples business

Company Profile

M&A  and  Real Estate

  • Fox Capital Real Estate is a business unit of the M&A and Corporate Finance Advisory company Fox Capital GmbH.

  • We are not real estate brokers but dedicated and experienced transaction professionals when it comes to property issues.

  • We are exclusive partner of Institutional Investors, Asset Managers, Family Offices and Pension Funds.


We structure your financing and introduce you to appropriate capital partners. From equity or joint venture partners to mezzanine capital, debt capital or whole loans, we put you in touch with the right partners.

We support you in compiling the necessary documents and accompany you during the financing discussions and stand by you as a sparring partner.

  • Family Offices & High Net Worth Individuals

  • Debt Funds mainly from UK

  • Mezzanine Capital & Whole Loan investors from all over Europe and some from Asia

  • Investment Companies

  • Banks

  • Foundations, pension funds and provident funds

Project Financing / Acquisition Financing
Mezzanine   &  Whole Loan


At A Glance

Debt Advisory

Our Business Units

Real Estate Transactions

 Real Estate Finance


Transaction volume: €10/20 million to € 300 million

If you would like to sell or purchase real estate or finance real estate projects, please contact us.

With / without building rights, with / without tenants/leasing; Value Add, Core, Core +, Opportunistic

In Germany, Austria,  Switzerland &

as well as larger European cities or capitals

Real Estate Transactions

Purchase & Sale of properties, project developments and plots. Global sales, forward purchase & forward funding


Focus by Asset Classes

Sale - Financing

Cities > 100,000 inhabitants

Cities > 100,000 pop. University cities with good infrastructure, also international in capitals and

top locations

Top 10 cities in good office locations and city centres, good infrastructure, solvent tenants, Value Ad, Core, Core+


established logistics locations

Top 50 cities

Top 7 /10 cities also international capitals (city centre locations with good transport links) and direct waterfront locations (resort hotels)

Top 100 cities

with good infrastructure and growth

Top 10 cities

Multi-family houses Apartment buildings, also as project development / conversion

also conversion properties

that can be converted into housing.


also mixed use objects

Business Hotels

City Hotels, Resort Hotels

also conversion properties

(valid development plan)

with/without operator

 from € 10 million,  property from 3,000 sqm - no single apartments, villas, pure luxury properties

from € 20 million,

from 5,000 sqm rental space

If Walt leases > 10 or < 2 years

from 500 sqm rental space

from 80 rooms

with/without operator

from 3,000 qm

from 15,000 sqm gross floor area

from 100 rooms/keys

Warehouses, distribution and transshipment halls,


from 30,000 sqm plot/land

Gladly with a focus on living,



Activity Focus by Region


  • Hamburg

  • Kiel

  • Berlin

  • Duesseldorf

  • Cologne

  • Bonn

  • Stuttgart

  • Frankfurt

  • Wiesbaden

  • Heidelberg

  • Nueremberg

  • Munich

  • Mannheim

  • Karlsruhe

  • Augsburg

  • Erlangen

  • Oldenburg

  • Darmstadt

  • Neuss

  • Regensburg

  • Heilbron

  • Offenbach

  • Ulm

  • Pforzheim

  • Wolfsburg

  • Erlangen



In the area of project development, we cover the entire value chain

Development of utilization ideas / creation of building rights

These are precisely the challenges for which we are the right partners when it comes to the search for land, conversion properties or project financing.


Procurement of land/plots

Identifying location potentials

Assessment of the development of demand

Sale of project developments after creation of building rights, as a forward deal or as a turnkey property

Project Development – Redevelopment - Conversion - Financing


Main areas of activity - Financing

Financing - Project Development & Existing Assets

  • Equity share 5-10 % (real equity)

  • Track record of the project developer (sponsor)

  • Total investment volume from € 30 million

  • Pre-sale quota

  • Building permit

  • Land reserved or owned

  • Cost overrun guarantee can be mapped

  • Clear ownership structure

  • Valid valuation report

  • Financing in German-speaking countries, possibly also in major European cities

  • Mezzanine (junior loan)

  • Senior Loan

  • Whole Loan

  • Preferred Equity

  • Syndication

  • Forward Purchase

  • Forward Funding

  • Project Bond

  • Joint Venture Partner


Financing - Whole Loan

Project Development  & Existing Properties

Geographic Focus

Germany – Austria – Switzerland - Benelux


min. 24 months

Financing Purpose

Land & property acquisition, project developments / (re)developments, etc.

Type of Financing

Senior / Whole loan 

Existing properties / Developments

Loan Size

EUR 20 – 100 million.


1st mortgage, further customary collateral

Asset Class / Sector Focus

Property-independent, selective also hotel and retail

LTV/C at inception

70 - 75% (max. 80%)

Regional focus

Top A locations, B & C locations in growth regions

Type of Property - Single & Multiple Tenants

Individual properties & portfolios

Loan Pricing

4.5 – 7.0% p.a. on EURIBOR (min. 0,00% / max. 1,25%)

LTV/C at maturity

55 - 65%


Geographic Focus

Germany – Austria – Switzerland - Benelux


Min. 12 month

Financing Purpose

Land & property acquisition, project developments

(re)- developments, etc.

Type of Financing

Subordinated finance / junior loans / mezzanine finance

Existing properties & project developments

Loan Size

EUR 10 – 30 million

Financing - Mezzanine / Junior Debt

Project Development & Existing Properties

Asset / Sector Focus

Property-independent, selective hotel and retail

LTV/C at inception

80 - 85% (max. 90%)

Regional Focus

Top A locations

B + C locations with growth

Property Type

Single & Multiple Tenants

Individual properties & portfolios

Loan Pricing

8.5 - 14% + p.a. on EURIBOR (min. 0,00% / max. 1.25%)


Customary covenants on cost and capex


2nd  morgage, share pledges & other customary collateral


Our Approach

We will of course advise you on the best and most effective way to proceed


We design your processes according to your wishes

Full Management Attention until the closing of the transaction.

Realistic assessment of the possibilities and pragmatic targeting.

Speed - swift execution of the transaction.

No publication of your project on internet platforms - not even anonymously - confidential matters remain confidential !

High due diligence requirements for the transaction process.

Extensive contacts with asset managers, strategic investors, capital providers, debt funds looking for deal flow and new investments.

Extensive international investor and financing contacts (family offices, asset managers, pension funds, foundations, real estate funds, private equity, etc.).

Extensive transaction experience.

Archway of fox capital premises to the deaprtment of immobilientransaktionen

Fox Capital

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Sabiene Münch

  • Sabiene Munch - Managing director of Fox capital
  • Immobilien trasanction and finnazierung expert - Sabiene munch on instagram

In der Wolfskaute 26 A, 61130 Nidderau


Tel.: +49 (0) 69 66969 7777

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