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Investoren diskutieren über Gewinne und Verluste bei den Immobilien

Investor Contacts

Investors and preferably the investors who are exactly right for the property – that is what ultimately matters in every transaction. Whether the sale of a real estate project company, the financing of a hotel or the sale of an office building. Again and again it is ultimately about finding the investor (or better still several) who is not only willing to pay the right price but who also has the right chemistry. This not only applies with regard to the smoothest possible processing of the transaction, but you also want to know that your property or life's work is in good hands later on. Especially when it comes to tenants with whom you have had a good relationship for years, employees or customers and business partners in M&A transactions.


Finding the right investor is also our top priority. We are not only constantly expanding our network, but also maintain existing contacts again and again through conferences, personal discussions and regular exchanges. Fox Capital has a large international network of investor and capital market contacts thanks to many years of activity both in the real estate market and in the corporate finance/banking sector.


In addition to the "classics", the large fund companies and banks, we also know the less obvious investors such as family offices, foundations, smaller investment companies or private equity investors. We focus on investors from DACH, the Arabic and Asian regions as well as from the Netherlands, Luxembourg and some northern European countries.

  • Private equity companies with a focus on real estate, among other things

  • hedge funds and debt funds

  • mezzanine funds

  • banks

  • Single and multi-family offices

  • Wealth managers and high net worth individuals

  • Real estate funds and investment companies

  • Foundations, Trusts Endowments

  • Corporate real estate investors

Often it is simply the right "wire" to the contact person who decides the deal. How exactly a cooperation can look like and which investors could be interesting for you, we would be happy to discuss with you personally in a first free strategy meeting.

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