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Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is commonly understood as the area of corporate financing. The aim is to create an optimal capital structure.

This also includes issues of raising capital such as capital increases, loans, mezzanine capital, senior and junior loans, whole loans, bonds and IPOs, listings and sometimes also de-listings, etc. An optimal capital structure allows returns to be maximized and financial risks to be minimized.

Especially when it comes to new ones Corporate transactions (acquisition financing) or investments, i.e. for example the acquisition of competitors, expansion, the purchase of corporate real estate or restructuring, fresh capital is required. Many such financings go beyond the classic granting of credit and have both equity components and debt capital from different sources. This is then a typical sign of structured financing.

Another area is the topic of refinancing, optimizing the liabilities side of the balance sheet, for example by issuing a corporate bond, in order to become less dependent on bank financing. Or taking out a loan to use the released equity for other purposes. The possibilities are manifold.

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