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A discussion about startegy and financing

Strategy and Financing advice

Strategy Consulting

Our team will provide you with comprehensive advice on your expansion and portfolio strategy. Which objects and locations are forward-looking? How does the ESG issue affect financing and investment behavior? Which objects should be sold and when. What can a financing concept look like in general? And how can plots of land be securely financed and reserved?

We are also happy to support you in the search for new company locations in Germany and abroad.


financing advice

We advise you on the structuring of your transaction, create the essential banking and financing documents and work out the essential Q&A with you so that you are well prepared for discussions with investors. We will answer questions, for example in relation to the provision of customary bank securities, as well as legal texts that we will work through for you together with our lawyers and discuss and negotiate in discussions. The topic ICA - Intercreditor Agreement between the debt and subordinated lenders is also part of this.

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