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immobilen transactions and immoblien finazierung are two components of building real estates

Real Estate

Fox Capital has a special focus on real estate. No matter which corporate transaction we were involved in, real estate always played a very special role. When "leftover" of private equity transactions, as a pension for entrepreneurial families or as corporate real estate directly in the production process. 
In this respect, we have specialized in the real estate sector in addition to the "normal" M&A and corporate finance business. Here we focus primarily on real estate transactions of at least 10M-300M € (exceptions are properties). 

Many of our transactions deal with real estate sales or the search for suitable real estate and land for family offices, fund companies and real estate project developers. 
But M&A transactions from the real estate sector, such as the sale or purchase of companies from the real estate industry such as real estate project developers or the implementation of capital increases, bonds, etc. are also part of our day-to-day business.

Furthermore, Fox Capital deals with the real estate project financing, i.e. the procurement of the equity and debt capital required for the purchase of land and the development as well as with the acquisition financing - i.e. when it comes to financing the acquisition of real estate.

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