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debt advisory discussion being conducted in athe office

 Debt Advisory

Debt Advisory deals with financing, restructuring, and the design of capital structures for companies and project developments. Strategic planning is just as important as later implementation. The analysis of annual accounts, ratings, corporate planning, and liquidity planning are among the tasks of a debt advisor. The handling of the entire financing process from the selection of the right investors/capital partners/banks, preliminary talks, and negotiation of the conditions and contracts are part of our tasks.


Here we benefit from our excellent contacts with investors, banks, private equity investors, debt funds and fund companies. The solutions can be diverse, extending or restructuring existing loans, a corporate bond for further expansion, replacing a bond with alternative forms of financing, bridge financing for a real estate project development - up to an IPO or listing.


In doing so, we not only fall back on national investor contacts but also on international institutional investors. Well-known fund companies, international and national banks, family offices and London debt funds are in close personal contact with us, so that we can implement quick solutions here.

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