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Process of Cooperation

Here you will find further information and answers to all questions from all areas of project financing, the sale of real estate and the real estate financing.
Before we start, we will of course discuss all the details with you again. When we start we need the following information from you:

This is what a collaboration with Fox Capital can look like:


Confidentiality and discretion are a matter of course for us. We discuss the individual steps with you before we start our work and only pass on the information that has been agreed with you to investors or financiers.


We create a short teaser with all the essential information about your project.


It may then be necessary to specify some areas of the teaser or change the strategy again. Then we specifically approach other investors.


First of all, we speak to a few investors who are very well known to us and ask for a short feedback – even if the property is not suitable for an investment.


It may then be necessary to specify some areas of the teaser or change the strategy again. Then we specifically approach other investors.


We'll keep you up to date. As soon as an investor or financier signals interest, you will receive a short e-mail from us with the contact details. Depending on the investor's wishes, we then either organize an initial telephone conference to get to know each other or ask the investor to activate the data room for further information. We will also keep you up to date in other respects and will be happy to pass on the general feedback from our investors to you.


After the telephone conference or viewing of the data room, we follow up, answer any initial questions from the investor or forward them directly to you.
Depending on the property and the market situation, this process until we receive initial feedback from investors can take between 1 and 5 weeks. Then you should have an initial assessment of the market.


After the (hopefully) positive inspection of the data room, the property is usually inspected, often with specialists and appraisers.


In the negotiation phase, things get exciting. We also accompany you here, control the process and keep the negotiations going.


We are also happy to take part in the later notarization and celebrate the transaction together!
What we need for our work:
For our work we need all available information about the property and your company that is important for the transaction. Clear relationships from the beginning and also during the transaction make our work considerably easier and make you successful.


Please inform us in detail about all the important details of the transaction, ie also your previous experiences, investors already contacted, rejections, objections, etc. Put all your cards face up on the table so that we can identify possible difficulties in advance and plan accordingly.


Please inform us about possible changes in the course of the transaction, changes to the property: e.g. a bridge financing concluded at short notice, termination of a main tenant, etc.


Speed: Please respond to our inquiries promptly, if possible on the same day, so that we can pass on information to our investors accordingly. Delays must remain as short as possible because good cooperation is very important for an investor who may have to work with you for years to come and influences his decision


Property Information: Please make sure you have all the requested information to hand. You should also make detailed information available in a data room. You can find an overview of the essential information required here: LINK


Plan a very generous timeline and take into account public holidays, vacation days and the complexity of a financing or transaction that was sometimes not visible beforehand. There are always unplanned circumstances that can come up.

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