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An outside of foxcapital discussing mergers and acquisiitons

Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A stands for Mergers & Acquisitions and is the English expression for mergers and acquisitions of companies. This includes classic company acquisitions and sales as well as transactions such as management buy-in/MBI, management buy-out/MBO, carve-outs, etc.

There are many reasons for buying or selling companies: Expansion into other (often foreign) markets, expanding your own product portfolio or accessing new customer groups. In most cases, it is a question of strategic advantages or the sale of one's own company for reasons of age. Joint ventures also belong to the M&A area, for example when it comes to jointly implementing large projects or the development of new technologies. Listed companies often try to protect themselves from being taken over by a competitor by buying from competitors.


How does an M&A process work?

First of all, a suitable takeover candidate is sought (or, of course, a potential buyer of your company). In the so-called deal sourcing, the essential requirements are first determined that a takeover candidate should have. Then the anonymous search for suitable candidates takes place. Once a suitable takeover candidate has been found, the first thing to do without naming the company is to get in touch with the group of shareholders to find out whether there is an interest in selling it. In the subsequent negotiations, the framework parameters are determined and fixed in writing in a so-called term sheet. Then the due diligence begins, the technical examination of the target. This usually consists of at least a technical, legal, tax and economic examination. The subject of human resources and IT are also an integral part of this examination. As long as everything fits and a "fit" results from this, the contract can be drafted with selected law firms specializing in M&A.

Fox Capital supports you with all these topics. From the search for buyers for your company or the right joint venture partner to due diligence and the drafting of the relevant contracts. We are also happy to assist you with acquisition financing. Speed is required here. Unfortunately, corporate transactions that take too long often fail.

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