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Real Estate Transactions

We understand real estate transactions as all purchases and sales of real estate, be it as an asset or share deal or as a forward deal. We advise and support you with the property valuation, the compilation of all required documents, contacting institutional investors and the complete processing of the transaction.

This also includes reviewing and revising sales contracts, discussions with building authorities regarding building permits (e.g. for plots of land or project developments), support in negotiations, etc.

​ We rely on a comprehensive international network of institutional real estate investors:​

  • fund companies

  • foundations

  • pension funds

  • Project developer (regarding the purchase of land)

  • family offices

  • corporate

  • Others

  • Residential

  • Offices

  • Commercial,

  • Logistics

  • Senior and care

  • Medical centers and hospitals

  • Land and project developments

  • In principle, we become active from a property value of €10 million.

We focus on the DACH area, London, and the Arab world. This is where we can support you particularly effectively.

We are at home in (almost) all asset classes:

How does a transaction work with us?

Assessment and feasibility -Before you decide on a project, we will help you analyze the feasibility of the intended use and execution with us.

Brokerage contracts- If a difficult market scenario makes it necessary to hire a broker, we draw up the brokerage contract.

Effective Conditions- We leverage some of the keys we use to lay the foundation for structured contract negotiations to complete due diligence and provide effective negotiation support.

Due Diligence- Our experts advise on the efficient, risk-oriented design of the due diligence and cover all legal issues, including real estate and corporate law, financing and public law.

Share Deal Agreement (share purchase)- We bring buyers and sellers together in the drafting and negotiation of a share purchase agreement, but a forward agreement is also possible.

Joint Venture- Similar to real estate financing, we work on the partnership-based distribution of the income of the parties and their remuneration for project developments.

Structuring of sales properties- We support the regulators of the target companies to work together to maximize the industry-wide value offered.

Real estate purchase contracts (asset deal) and heritable building rights- We specialize in drafting and negotiating contracts for all types of real estate for buyers and sellers.

Financing- Our experienced employees will support you in drafting financing agreements for shareholders, classic financial institutions or syndicate participations.

Bidding Process- By conducting a bidding process, we can help you get the highest possible price when selling real estate.

W&I Insurance- Should you be buying or selling your property, we will also structure your transaction with the largest architects and insurance brokers in the warranties and indemnities industry.

Real Estate Leasing / Sale and Leaseback -The lease conventions are the most widely accepted in the industry for buying and renting real estate.

Transaction processing before and after completion- We specialize in finding solutions to the difficulties that may arise during the closing or preparation phase, even when litigation occurs.

Notary Services- Our notary takes care of all notarial procedures, including the execution of applications and the signing of documents. If additionally required, we guarantee that your notarial deed meets ethical standards.

How does a transaction work with us?

After a free initial consultation, we will be happy to send you our mandate contract. As soon as we have received it signed by you, you will receive a checklist of all the necessary documents from us. From the extract from the land register to building permits and property photos. In the meantime, we will create a meaningful exposé and coordinate the marketing with you.

No panic! We will not market your property until we have received the Go! received from you. We work as discreetly as possible. Your property will not be diversified with us, but will be presented to our investors based on the purchase profile known to us. Mostly - completely after consultation - also initially with an anonymous teaser or against the conclusion of an NDA / confidentiality agreement. A publication on internet portals does not take place. So you are always on the safe side and are always informed about the current status of the transaction.

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